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rlene began her studies on the violin at the age of seven. Her first opportunity was given through the public school system, in Cleveland, Ohio. Re-enforced with private teaching, she continued her studies on through grade school, and Junior and Senior high school.

fter a family move to Denver, Colorado, at thirteen, Arlene studied with Mr. Samuel Chernyk, a renowned violinist, who had worked in various symphony orchestras around the country.

r. Chernyk was (and is), a major influence in Arlene's musical life, having developed and honed her skills under his strict and disciplined ear, his faithful instruction, and careful direction. He sponsored Arlene in many recitals and contests, and helped her work her way into City-Wide Orchestras, and on to State-Wide Orchestras, where more often than not, Arlene held first chair position, as concert mistress.

hese collaborations were conducted by various guest symphony conductors, one being Mr. Brian Priestman, the Denver Symphony conductor.

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