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Luna Wings

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fter "Spirit of the Celtic Violin", and "River of Dreams", which led me into far away lands, on an adventure with peoples of long ago, I began my journey home. After time spent with druids, Saint Brigid, (the Celtic Goddess and daughter of a druid, who later was accepted by the new arrivals of Christianity and sainted), after ancient Celtic celebrations under the full moon, magical nights with elves and faeries, misty evenings on the coastal shores of Ireland, longing for the return of a lost lover at sea, and after visiting mighty fortresses and castles in Wales, I finally began writing "Luna Wings"..

Luna Wings his collection of compositions slowly led me back from ancient times and gently brought me home to the mysteries of my own life and times. From the beauty of seeing a rose blooming in the snow, to the Jack in the Pulpits that nestle and hide in the woods of upstate New York, to places I've been that enchanted me, like Bridal Veil Falls above the beloved town of Telluride, Colorado, where I can still remember picking wildflowers in the early spring and placing my "Bridal" bouquet upon the remnants of the melting winter snow. Here under the same heavenly skies that hovered over me throughout my ancient travels, I found myself marveling at the lunar eclipse, and the seven sisters that still dance above me, even as they have for all time.

   pay tribute to the fantasy of Celtic folklore on every project. The "wee" people, as they are sometimes called, such as elves, faeries, and pixies, have always made an appearance in my music. This musical journey has taken me from darkness to light, druids to faeries, happy to somber, and back again. I hope it will do the same for you.

he title theme, "Luna Wings", is the only time I actually sang throughout the making of this Trilogy, other than ooo's and ahh's in the background. I saved this for last. I wrote this song after my only encounter with two huge luna moths in the middle of the night. They floated down from the wooded hills and graced me with their presence through the night. The moonlight bounced off of them in such a way that they seemed to glow in the dark. Their wing spans were more than five inches across, and they reminded me of faeries. After reading about these amazing creatures, I found that their short lives are spent finding their only mate, and then mating until their energy reserves are expended and they die. It was a magical experience I will never forget.

fter these six years, my New Age Celtic Trilogy is complete. I am so happy to be able to share my journey with you now.

Arlene Faith
Luna Wings

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