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  P O E M S

n all her splendor, herself she renders
pinning 'round in this galaxy
dance with her beneath my feet
n islands of Emerald Green
he's beautiful caressed in Blue
ust hanging in the balance
ith the nature of a woman who
as unsurpassable talents

er golden fields she gladly yields
hat I might be fulfilled
wear her silver round my wrists
nd drink the wine she freely spills
n her crimson gown and wild lace
he can shame the richest queen
ith the breath of God upon her face
he can blossom from just a seed

eaceful Planet... May God grant us World Peace

er brilliant sun stands still in awe
t the sight of her ballet
nd the moon can't take his eyes off her
atching every move she makes
he's the miracle of miracles
nd I'm humbled by her grace
his creation of the Masters' will
iven to the Human race

eaceful Planet... May God grant us World Peace

WoodenStone Music 2002

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