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With Vassar
Arlene with Vassar Clements (1984). Taken at The Station Inn, a famous Bluegrass club in Nashville... more
Arlene Faith with Paul Davis, songwriter "Sweet Life", "Cool Nights", "When I Look in Your Eyes I Go Crazy" Taken in Evergreen, CO at The Little Bear. Arlene with Delbert McClinton Just a fun night
At "The Tavern on the Row" in Nashville, one of the most popular meeting places for songwriters and musicians and artists at the time. Performing at The Bluebird Cafe At a show
This was taken at a Golf Tournament in Nashville where Vince Gill also performed.
Arlene and Russell at the Bluebird Cafe
Arlene, Janie Frickie and Linda Buell, writers of "I'll walk before I'll crawl" Byron Gallimore and Bill Harris at RCA after a session Playing fiddle with her little buddy Lix De Lux
The first band Arlene was ever in. Taken in Denver... more
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