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River of Dreams

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or years I have wanted to compose an instrumental work. Finally, in 2000, I buckled down and decided to do it. “Spirit of the Celtic Violin” was the end result, a collection of compositions that partially lend themselves to the more traditional style of writing, and partially branch out into a new age style of writing, without restriction. I enjoyed this project so much as a writer and performer, that in 2002, I started my second collection of works, titled “River of Dreams”.

River of Dreams his time, I decided that “River of Dreams” should lean entirely on what I wanted to write, as opposed to trying to stay within any guidelines. Writing Celtic Music or New Celtic Music, as I like to call it, already encourages the imagination to wander. I set out to do just that, and a natural evolution began to take hold. “River of Dreams”, I believe, goes a step beyond “Spirit of the Celtic Violin” in drawing the listener into my own musical world. This time, I found that voices, both real and synthesized, played a major role in the music I was creating. By weaving voices throughout the music, and using them as I would another instrument, it added a depth that I hadn’t really focused on “Spirit of the Celtic Violin”. I’m happy with this evolution between the two projects. “Spirit of the Celtic Violin” has a more ‘open’ sound, more sparse and traditional, whereas “River of Dreams” has been given a slightly ‘thicker’ and more orchestrated and ethereal approach. Both styles portray the music equally well, and allow me to express my music in more than one way, even with the same musicians.

hope the listener will enjoy both CD’s equally, and perhaps notice the ‘evolution’ between the two. It truly has been a musical journey through an ancient realm, and has taken me into new age territory. My journey continues, and I invite you to join me. I also offer the sheet music for violin along with the CD’s, so you can experience it for yourself first hand. Not only has writing allowed me to express myself through music, I am hoping that I might inspire others to write. I have found little else to be as rewarding as writing the music of one’s very soul, and then recording it for others. Sharing one’s self through music is as much a gift to the writer as it is to the listener.

n closing, I’d like to invite you to email me about yourself and your music. I welcome all feedback about my music as well. “Spirit of the Celtic Violin”, and “River of Dreams” and the sheet music are available on my merchandise page, where sound clips are also available for your convenience.

Arlene Faith
River of Dreams

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