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  P O E M S

love the smell of an old violin
rafted to perfection, the way it hugs my chin
y flower garden in the early Spring
hen the seeds break forth as shoots of green
love a child's smile when they learn something new
hat satisfied look when they know what to do
ll by themselves, when they've figured it out
o me, that's what life's all about

love candlelit dinners, just for two
tarched linen napkins, and sun-ripened fruit
ineyards in France, and old vintage wine
love when your lips taste like honey on mine
unflower fields that wave in the breeze
nd walks in the rain, as slow as we please
eing with you as long as time will allow
o me, that's what life's all about

ouquets of flowers you pick by the road
ights with binoculars, with the Moon all aglow
ot cups of coffee, freshly brewed from the pot
ivaldi and Mozart, so soothing and soft
our favorite recliner, so faithful and worn
ust waiting in the corner for you to adorn
nd here in the stillness, just watching you now
o me, that's what life's all about

(C)2003 Arlene Faith Kortright -Wooden Stone Music and ASCAP Company

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